From Purim Spiel to Sarah Silverman

Purim parade

Purim is often thought of as the Jewish Carnival, a raucous holiday of feasting, drinking, masquerades, and the undermining of authority. Parodies, roasts, and farces are popular theatrical presentations on Purim, and many scholars believe that the roots of Jewish theater can be found in this end-of-winter festival. .Read More

Jewish Book Month Celebrates Love of Reading

pile of books

Jews and books, made for each other. At least, that’s the way it’s been for a very, very long time. We’re called the People of the Book, and the statistics bear that out. Read More

JCC Film Festivals Place to See Great Movies


Fall is the time for grownups to go back to the movies. In addition to the more mature offerings at your local theater, check out the selections at the film festival at your local JCC.
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Video: 14th Street Y iPhone Art

14th Street Y iPhone Paintings

JCC Association Senior Graphic Designer Jeremy Kortes recently visited the 14th Street Y of the Educational Alliance, which is located in Manhattan, on the edge of the East Village in a gentrifying area.
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9 Tips to Make Your Book Club Scintillating and Stimulating

Girl Reading Book

Book clubs are a great way to meet new people and read books that you’d never try on your own. That’s why so many JCCs host or sponsor reading groups or book clubs. Here are some tips that will keep your book group scintillating and stimulating.
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